Josien Harder

Hi, I'm Josien!

Before you’re tripping you’re tongue… You pronounce it as yo-seen. It’s Dutch. 

I am 28 year old Digital Marketer. Started my first marketing job over 10 years ago and currently run my own marketing agency. 

My fire starts to burn if I can help other people with starting and growing their online business. I am your biggest hype woman if you decide to choose entrepreneurship and start your own business.

Since learning how to do marketing is super important for every business to succeed, I saw a chance helping others reach their dream goals with all these years of marketing experience. 

Together with my business partner I’ve made 5 marketing courses: Building your FunnelCopywriting, Converting Landing pages, Email Marketing and Social Media Advertising. We led several group and private mentorships. We already helped over 500 clients in the Netherlands.

Since the start of 2022 I’m discovering and learning all things Web3. I’m really excited about how marketing in this space is developing to a whole other level. To experience this to the fullest, like front row seat… I am building my own NFT project together with my business partner. Exciting!


Wether you're a nutritionist, a fashion designer, a couples therapist or a webshop owner: marketing is important for every business. Need some inspiration? Contact me!

Entrepreneur life

Isn't it the most beautiful thing, working for your own dreams, helping others with your true passion AND earning money with it? Hit me up if you have any questions about entrepreneurship.


January 2022 I fell down the rabbit hole of Web3 & NFT's. I believe blockchain technology will disrupt business models & customer experience. Happy to discuss this with you!

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I would love to connect on Twitter! Feel free to dm me @josienharder.

"If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to work on theirs."